From our creative formula, we are able to craft innovative, tailor-built solutions that solve our clients problems in a profitable way.


Strategy is the initial framing of a project that clarifies what to design and why. In the strategy phase, we merge business and creative objectives in a meaningful way that moves design beyond just an aesthetic exercise.

We facilitate a strategy session with all stake holders to uncover:


•Existing problems and ongoing challenges

•Current benefits and successes to be leveraged

•Unmet client/customer needs

•Changing client/customer behaviors and attitudes

•Emerging ideas and trends

•Opportunities to differentiate

From this strategic session, we proritize our finding into a workable pathway to initiatives and deliverables that will make the biggest impact on their company and provide the greatest return on investment.


Developed by the insights gained from the Discovery and and strategy sessions with stakeholders, the Design brief is the document that will guide the design project .It outline the deliverables and scope of the project including any products or works (function and aesthetics), timing and budget.

Acting as a living document, the design brief is used to evaluate the effectiveness of a design after it has been produced and during the creation process to keep the project on track and on budget.

Briefs usually change over time and are adjusted as the project scope evolves. All changes are signed off by the client and designer at set stages in the project.

Sketches (Wireframes)

Sketching is an essential step in our process. It is used to work quickly and generate a multitude of ideas in a relatively short period of time.

We meet with the client to present  sketched thumbnails in order to solidify an idea before going on to more advanced stages of development.

From these sketches, we are able to determine a general creative direction in which the brand can take. The sketches that are within this direction are refined in the next step in the process.

Concept Models

The Concepts phase reinforces the strategy and brand positioning. It helps to communicate to the client the benefits of the offer and helps with differentiation from the competition.

Each concepts visual attributes will vary in degrees in order to explore the depth and breadth of the chosen creative direction. This is accomplished while staying true to the brand's message.

The chosen concept will become the roadmap for our design. It will lead to our choices in color, type, etc. It’ll choose our aesthetic and determine our grid. Every design decision we make will fall back on our concept for the precise direction.

Design (Deliverables)

This is where we take all of the information that we have gain throughout the previous stages and begin designing.

We are able to approach this phase with a high level of creativity and confidence, keeping in mind the creative direction and the overall project goals.

Finally, Everything is zipped up and delivered to the client. We make sure the client knows how to use the deliverables they have invested in, so we are on hand to provide immediate assistance or to answer any questions they may have, at any point in the future.

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